¿Who We Are?

 We are a firm with 50 years of experience, focused on providing integral solutions to our clients in financial, audit, fiscal and legal areas.

We are more than 80 professionals working together with an ethical and professional commitment.

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Our Mission

Solve our client’s business necessities through highly capable professionals  .


The values that define us as a firm, are:




Security, Tranquility, Seriousness.

Audit’s main objective is to generate confidence in the financial information and the shareholder´s and third parties decision making .

Our Services

  • Audits of financial statements according to the International audit rules.
  • Issuance of expert Opinions for tax purposes (SIPRED or Presentation of Tax Opinion).
  • Opinion of financial information and tax effects.
  • Audit for businesses’ acquisitions. (Due diligence of different characters Including: financial, fiscal and legal).
  • Audit for Social Security.
  • Opinion and establishment of tax, accountable, operational and administrative procedures.
  • Internal audit planning.(Business’ risks assessment).

“We apply high quality standards to all of our process, generating more confidence on the final reports.”


Organization, Responsibility, Commitment.

Your company’s accounting its in our hands. Our team will be responsible for classifying, analyzing and reviewing the documentation, recording the daily operations and preparation of financial statements, and the preparation of tax returns on time.

Our Services

  • Accounting registration process and Financial reports issuing.
  • Determination of Federal taxes payment and Payroll processing.
  • Obsolete accounts elimination, and accounting information update.
  • Compliance with social security obligations.
  • Regular and special tax filings.
  • Assistance in tax requirements.

“We generate financial information for a better decision making process.”


The Best Way Forward

We have a team specialized in this field for professional advice to implement the tax scheme, which suits your company the best, through a variety of options that give tax provisions.

Our Services

>> Tax Advisory Service

  • Tax on federal and local taxes.
  • Responses to specific queries on tax matters.
  • Advice and implementation in relation to tax reforms.
  • Laboral and social security assessment.
  • Assess and monitor tax controls related to its fiscal functions.
  • Action alienation opinion

>> Business Reestructuration

  • Comprehensive review in tax matters in mergers, and acquisitions division.



>> Transfer Pricing

  • Assistance throughout the documentation process required by law: Preparing a report analyzing the market conditions of intercompany transactions and the preparation of the declarations to be filed with tax authorities.
  • Assistance in planing and/or restructuring intercompany transactions.

>> Management before authorities

  • Attention to requirements, penalty fees, special revisions realized by tax authorities(Local or Federal).
  • Management and representation in audit revisions from tax authorities.

“We optimize the desired results of our clients by a high quality service.”


Security, Personal Service, Seriousness.

Our legal services team includes specialists in corporate and tax areas aimed at defining the most appropriate regulatory framework for the conduct of operations and client projects.

Our Services

>> Corporate

  • Formation, conversion or insolvency of business societies.
  • Legal secretarial.
  • Merger, demerger, purchase, sale of businesses.

>> Business

  • New Business-Design licensing scheme.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property advice.

>> Patrimonial

  • Patrimonies’ legal audit.
  • Wills and trusts.
  • Design of strategies.
  • Formation and suitability of holding companies and realtors.

>> Tax Litigation

  • Solution to conflicts arising from illegal acts of fiscal and administrative authorities in general, both federal and local, or laws in these matters that may be unconstitutional, through administrative appeals, annulment proceedings or administrative litigation and amparo proceedings, as appropriate.
  • We develop and implement means of defense in terms of transfer prices, patrimonial liability, the State and administrative law in general.

“We provide security before the regulatory environment of business.”


For any service or doubt we stay to yours orders on the following contact media.

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